Destrucktoid - "admitting to grief in the discord. good job."

SS14 account: Destrucktoid
Character name: Ivy Olgala
Type of Ban: Game Ban for 48 Hours
Date of Ban and Duration: According to the response of Amy River in the discord, about 2:12AM UTC+0
Reason for Ban: “admitting to grief in the discord. good job.”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: So its about 1-1:30 hours into the round, I’ve made a bunch of gas bombs, meds and such in science and have some leftover Lexorin. I decide that i’d go ask the CMO for their Hypospray to see if they’ll give it (Knew they probably wouldn’t but better to ask and not get it than not ask at all). I go to medbay and find that CMO is sitting in the chair they spawn in since the start of the round. They have Been AFK/disconnected for at least an hour at this point so i decide “Screw it, i’ll just get the hypo myself”. Door panel has already been screwdrivered open by someone else so i finish the job and hack open the door, take their PDA to open their locker and, as expected, the Hypo is sitting in their locker as well as their hardsuit because they haven’t moved since the start of the shift about an hour ago. So i grab the Hypo and the hardsuit and walk back to Science (IIRC i even left the door to the office open for them to get out if they magically come back but i’m not sure on that one.) I want to ephasise that i didn’t end up using the hypo or any of the grenades or such until the round end screen came up, in fact one of my scientist comrades drank some CLF3 and i ended up using the medication i made to heal them.
Why you think you should be unbanned: As far as i am aware looking at the server rules, i haven’t actually violated any rules. I didn’t ruin or grief anyone’s shift, i didn’t kill anyone, i didn’t do anything that to the best of my knowledge counts as violating rule 1 because as i stated, the CMO had been afk for over an hour at this point. 
Anything else we should know: I made a post about this story in the Discord in #stories which is what assumably led to the ban which i feel so strongly is unjustified. I only started playing SS14 about a week to 2 weeks ago with no prior SS13 knowledge so if i have violated some unwritten expected rule i am unaware of then please let me know because i genuinely do not understand why i have been banned for this.

Appeal accepted.

From deliberation with other admins it seems it was Rule 1. This was probably down to stealing kit if the person was to come back, personally I don’t see an issue if you were to give it back and theft is an In character issue.

I believe this ban was in place of a warning since it was after the fact and you were not available for warning. 

In future try not to steal from AFK / SSD players is my main advice. You could have probably got permission and captain should have demoted / secured the head (or someone reporting them for taking a head role and leaving).

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