Devalu, Self Antag

Ban reason: Self Antag
Length of ban: 2880 minutes
Events leading to the ban: During Green alert slipped security officers with 45 bananas, stole a weapon and led a security officer on a chase through the station after stealing (but not using) his weapon. This coincided with a nukie first response that i was not aware of because i wasn’t reading radio and nobody called red alert. i was therefore deemed to have been “deliberately hindering a nukie first response”
Reason the ban should be removed: given that what I was doing is behaviour common (although not encouraged) by clowns during green alert. i did return the weapon to the security officer after red alert was called. 

I would also like to request RyanStrutfeld does not process this appeal as he has been unnecessarily rude in both this interaction and previous interactions. Two times he has incorrectly assumed my intentions, acted as if these were my intentions, and then told me my intentions don’t matter. 

I’ve reviewed the replay for the round in question and you were in fact Griefing sec with the bananas for an extended time with no RP aspect apart from messing with people for your own enjoyment.

With regards to ryanStrudfelt aHelps I’m not seeing the features you have described about rudeness from his end but am seeing clear argumentative attitude right out of the gate with you and to just disregard what they are saying several times and attempt to create your own narrative for justifying why your allowed to break the rules.

In addition to this, in relation to this ban, the ban length appears to have been very lenient based on your previous history and the banning policy. A much longer ban would have been more appropriate.

Appeal denied.

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