DevonYT Banned Permanently for Racial Slurrs N(word)


Devon Finkleberry

Game Ban

5/14/2022 Permanently

Racial Slurrs *saying The nword but not with the harsh R

Server Was Wizards Den US West

My side of the story was, I Was having a good time playing wizard den as I am a New player and I need help around the station because I’m new like I said so I have a good time I’m playing the role of HOS and doing fairly well at it I think I go to the bar I sit down I request a drink or two so Yada Yada 30 mins later There is this one guy this girl is talking to me about, She says *If he comes back here I’m going to inject him so he dies* I then say, *not a good choice because ill have to deal with you* She then goes out of the bar then starts a fight, I’m going to be honest here it got ugly. I Hopped into the fight and said, *Break it up* 3 times Then This dude keeps on hitting her then he comes after me then he starts throwing hits at me and I throw a few back, *I did not have enough time in the fight to try and tase him or cuff him* so after he kept hitting me I said to him *Stop it *n(word) with a *A* at the end* So then After wards he beat me *To my death or last breath* And I Keeled over And Died then All of these people in chat while I’m dead were saying *ooooooo your going to get banned* or etc.

Why I think I should be unbanned is because, I would love to play with my friends of course! And hang out and enjoy time off playing with others and roleplaying I would be sad if I can’t and that’s fine if I’m not appealed or given a second chance, I Do hope you understand that I truly swear I did not mean for me to say that word I do feel ashamed myself. I Would bring back to the community is Joy Fun times and also a nice mood, I Do think my ban was a little fair I could have been given a warning but that’s the ways of the game. 

Why’d you try to ban evade instead of appealing?

Also this is basically unreadable.

my buddy told me its alright just use another account so i took his word

im sorry if its unreadable i understand it though

i truly am sorry though if you cant understand it

this is however my first ever ban and i am fairly new here

46 minutes ago, DevonYT said:

my buddy told me its alright just use another account so i took his word

Your buddy just got you in a spot where you won’t be unbanned for a week.

Appeal again in a week.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals