Different Account

SS14 account username: Golden1ne
Ban reason: Old account of Golden1ne
Date of ban: 2/2/2023
Length of ban: Appeal Only
Events leading to the ban: I switched accounts about 2-3 months ago from Korbin219, if I recall. I was going around poisoning people, got banned and thought I would start over. However I have put a lot of hours into this account, and I have not harmed anyone or done any sort of malicious trolling since. I have ask a previous admin how I can get back into the chemist role, and said I should come here as well for that.
Reason the ban should be removed: I have put a lot of time into this new account, and I do not have any intention of stopping to play space station 14. I find it’s an amazing game worth my time. Respond and give your verdict at your leisure. :slight_smile:

Which account are you trying to play on

Scratch that, I see what happened.

The ban on Golden1ne has been lifted. DM me if you are still having issues connecting under the name Golden1ne.

a notice that if you get rolebanned or jobbanned and you attempt to connect as Korbino219 during the duration of those bans we will consider that an attempt at ban evasion and you will face a permanent ban, effective now.

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