Dinoman - ahelp evadeing

Ban reason: [Ignoring admins in ahelp, repeatedly leaving as ghost to do other things after being told not to and being disrespectful after being ahelped about knowledge during crit/death]

Length of ban: [perma]

Events leading to the ban: [about 10m before the first ahelp i got attacked and crit and on the way to med area well being healed someone stole my shoes and another my bag, so when i got healed i searched then about a minuit later the first ahelp came in telling me the rules but i closed it a forgot about it because i was trying to deal with something ig, after the second ahelp i read it and was going to respond after i got to shuttle (i diddnt close it this time to make sure i rememberd to respond) but i got tp’ed to admeme room and started dying of oxygen loss so i was trying to be quick and said something like “okay got it, can i go now? im dying of oxygen loss” at wich point i died so i became smile well i waited for a response but then i got tp’ed back and told not to go ghost role, then i ghosted so i could watch crew evac because i couldnt, then i was told not to do that eather so i went out into space instead, then i got banned (notes: i cannot see my last ahelp so this has greatly hindered my ability to speek the truth, if you could i would like a log so i can update this, also at no point was i trying to be rude i understood what they were saying, i confermed it multiple times, but my “okay” and “alright” responses seems to have come with the wrong intention’s]

Reason the ban should be removed: [i think i should be unbanned because i wasnt trying to evade if anything i was trying to talk but it seems the admin who banned me might have felt a bit insulted by my actions and for that i am sorry, saying that i do still feel this ban was inapropreate as the ahelp messages can be responded to without needing to be put in a room or constrained to a single location, thats the whole point of it being a pop up window no? (conculsion: i think that this is just a misunderstanding and i wasnt trying to cause any harm with my actions, next time i will sit still and not move till the isuse is resolved.]

Admin Consensus is to accept this appeal, please reread the rules before logging onto a server. 

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