Disapointed: banned for spamming retry

SS14 account:  disappointed

Character name:  mario joyce

Type of Ban:  game ban

Date of Ban and Duration:  7/8/2022

Reason for Ban: spamming/auto clicking connection request while server was full

Server you were playing on when banned: wizards den lizard [US West]

Your side of the story : I got on space station 14 and was looking for what server to join. and it said that wizards den lizard only had 50 people in it. so I click join and got the server is full screen. so I thought to myself ‘‘what if I  just click retry over and over again into I get into the server’’ So that’s what  I did. and it worked!  but after a few mins I got kicked and met with the ban screen. I knew spamming wasn’t allowed in the server but I didn’t  think you could even call that spamming.  but I thought about it and I can understand why I was banned.

Why you think you should be unbanned: I Think I should be unbanned because it was a honest mistake. and I will never do it again.


It actually looks like you were unbanned about 15 minutes before you made this appeal.

Spamming connections to the server can cause the server to slow down. Be mindful in the future please.

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