Discord Ban

Discord account: clonnne#8499
Date of ban: 3/8/2023
Events leading to the ban: made a brief racist joke against irish ppl (I am liteally irish and stated as such)
Reason the ban should be removed: This was not malicious in intent since it was a joke about the Irish said by an Irish person. The whole ban seems a bit goofy in the first place. also the joke was super tame anyway just something about a potato famine. 

This user is straight up ban evading using new discord made today “Left51#2388”

That is true. I made that account to talk to my friends on the discord because it was an unjust ban in the first place caused by someone white knighting and getting offended on the behalf of my nationality. This ban was clearly and obviously goofy and unjust in the first place and skirting it to talk to my friends on the ss14 discord is a victimless crime. Things like this are why ppl  meme about discord moderators. Also ur a snitch Jschip.

I don’t think admitting to ban evading and calling another user a snitch is going to help your case.

Maybe lone not but i wont lie or omit things to better present my case. I did ban evade (with justification) and I truly believe that Jschip is a massive snitch. I also truely believe this ban discord was kangaroo court in the first place.

You say that after posting a ban appeal with zero mention of your ban evasion.

ban evasion mainly happened after this post. initially i just created the account to ask in the discord where to file ban appeals but then i after making the post i saw that there was a cool conversation in general so i got involved and that became the accounts new purpose. So the ban evasion incident happened after the initial post


just gonna leave it here that the alt was made on Wed, 08 Mar 2023 12:34:59 UTC, half an hour before you appealed.

Before this gets out of hand I am just going to lock this. I have severe doubts you have any leg to stand on for an appeal after blatantly evading and then bragging about it. We will discuss this internally.

Sorry mate we don’t allow clowns on discord.

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