Discord:forkiiftcertified Ingame:clowns

reason:(breaking into multiple walls to get into atmos as a nontag attempted to get fireaxe) 

length:(720) minutes

events leading to ban:(to my knowledge is that I broke a single wall into atmos there was a bombing into comms that broke 8 walls or so and then I just chilled in there and maybe the admin thought that I broke those walls too imunsure, I did break into atmos to get a fireaxe, and thats it to my knowledge.

reason the ban should be removed:I didn’t know that we couldn’t cause on low pop with like 20 people, tons of people just break into heads places like the bridge to get their stuff so I thought it was fine but if you get caught you got to jail for messing around. I only broke one wall to get into atmos Im unsure why it said multiple. and I did try to get the fireaxe cause I thought it would be funny since evac was like 3 minutes away so I thought no one would care other than them telling me to give it back. I’m sorry they did say to check the rules just there are many rules and I guessed I forgot some my bad.

Low pop and and ‘other people do it so it’s ok’ are not particularly good excuses for why you should be allowed to powergame. Even if evac was 3 min out the round is not over until the end of round window shows.

Appeal denied. 

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