Discord handle: bort#9596

Discord account: Your Discord username including the # identifier. eg. Swept#2000
Ban reason: I was a jerk in the discord. I was too irreverent and trolly, especially with my ideas
When was the ban: about three months ago?
Your side of the story: I pushed my ideas too hard and got into arguments with people. I pushed them hard because I see potential in this project, not because I wanted to cause trouble.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I care about this project and want to help it succeed

It’s been three months so i’d be alright with lifting this ban. I’m pretty sure I was the banning admin but the audit log doesn’t go that far back. Realize you’d be under increased scrutiny from our admins and they definitely still remember “urban legends”.

Sounds good to me

You have been unbanned from the Discord server now. As Swept said, you’ll be under increased scrutiny so make sure to re-familiarize yourself with the rules in #rules-info.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals

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