Dmitry Makarov - permanent for making Adolf with... Ex mossad officer name?

1)Cosplaying as a certain german dictator and having a name kin to that of a ex mossad officer seriously man?
3)Look above.
4)As for my character, yes. He looks like a famous Austrian painter. The name is a reference, but not to a Mossad officer. In fact, I can’t even find a single Mossad person named “Oren Riff.”
Oren Riff is a fun Gmod player who is quite famous in the Russian HL2RP community for jumping crappy servers with Helix mod(permanent character death) and doing some violence. Just type “Oren Riff Gmod” to see the person my name actually refers to.(I used Google translator so sorry for shitty text)

The fact that I have to do research to even turn up tidbits of information that “Oren Riff” was some kind of Mossad operative in some sort of book from 1973 leads me to believe that your provided explanation is more likely to be true. That being said, it helps if you do not make your character resemble the appearance of a certain Austrian painter. Don’t cosplay as him please. Please review the rules. Accepted.

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