Double Whammy Ban (Discord and Game)

SS14 account/ Discord account: Greggo/Greggor#8826
Character name: Banned for Discord Behavior
Type of Ban: Server
Date of Ban and Duration: Appeal Only
Reason for Ban: Trolling Admins and moderators.
Server you were playing on when banned: N/A
Your side of the story: Literally all I do is joke and have fun with people. I’m quite possibly the most unserious person unless I’m in game and in character. I posted an application to MRP joking that I had not been banned before even though I have been banned 2 times for being goofy and unfunny.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Well, I’m mostly done interacting with people on discord. I wont apply to MRP for a long time because I guess my sense of humor and general character do not align with that of the admins, moderators, and active player base that reported me in the first place for my MRP ban ( I was posting shits pants when going down for narcolepsy) Poop jokes are funny to me, not because I’m immature as was stated by admins in my previous appeal, but because stuff like that is just funny for me.  As far as if it was unfair? I don’t know anymore, initially I thought it was dumb that I was banned for being unfunny to some other people, but if that’s what the server demands then I don’t have a problem with just doing the job in game.
Anything else we should know: Only other relevant thing is I have no desire to interact with people on discord or with my sense of humor anymore. Twice I’ve been banned for stuff I think is funny but comes off as douchebag behavior to others. I had fun like this on SS13 but on SS14 I’ve been banned twice for being goofy. I’m not a hostile person, I’ve never done anything out of malice to anyone on the server. I’ve literally just been myself. In game I know every single mechanic, job, and rule pretty much burned into my head and I am a good SS14 player and I contribute by teaching and enjoying the game. I just get the feeling that maybe I go to far sometimes with my OWN enjoyment. I would appreciate a discussion about me being in MRP though eventually. I enjoy RP games and RP environments but like I said, the shit jokes went to far and I was punished for that.

If you didn’t know, wasting everyone’s time by posting a blatantly-going-to-be-denied application for MRP and then DM’ing me laughing about it as if it what you did was comedy gold does not make you enjoyable to interact with.

Didn’t think it was blatantly going to be denied, lonesoldier55, it was a real application that I wanted to be accepted. I’m sorry you didn’t laugh at it either. If it makes you feel better that’s the reason I wont be posting often or if at all on discord other than to reapply to MRP later in time. I don’t like any of the interactions I’ve had with anyone outside of the game and the (bwoinks) I’ve gotten have been toxic as shit with the exception of Emisse who seems to care if people understand what they did wrong instead of just insulting them. So yea, you can count me out of the discord interactions and the fail RP jokes from now on. I’d like to be unbanned from the game, discord I don’t care as much but I don’t like that I’m appeal only banned from either.

My appeal was well written and from the heart. Continue insulting my since of humor (and intelligence as in the previous appeal) or understand that I wrote this sincerely and you shouldn’t have issues with me in the future in game.


Not to spam either, but in the mean time I’ve spent hours on SS13, if it comes down to it I  can eventually arrange a good conduct endorsement from them. But I was raised (so to speak in this game enviroment) on SS14 and massively prefer it over SS13. I hope you see I’m a sincere but goofy person, and not a douchebag like I feel most admins/moderators seem to think am.

I think the main takeaway here is that jokes shouldn’t be a main portion of your appeal. I can’t speak for every admin but I will say I don’t have an issue with you appealing your ban or anything of that nature, and I don’t believe you to be inherently a “douchebag” or even all that much of a troll.

There’s just a time and a place for a sense of humor like that and in most cases, an appeal where you were essentially banned for your sense of humor probably isn’t the best place to try and showcase that same sense of humor.

Which is why I said I’m out of discord and I don’t mind not coming back. It was a silly ban in the first place when a conversation could have been done or notes filed on my character. (Referring to the MRP ban for shit jokes) The discord one I’m not disputing because I clearly just cant gage a group. There’s jokes left and right, admins changing the IDs of every item and character to “ass” but I just miss the mark when I do stupid shit and literally get banned without warning or conversation. It’s damn silly and I’m over it. I just want to be allowed back on the game and play my way (minus the poop jokes) as I said on my appeal.



Okay, is there like a 6 month cool down I can wait for then? I don’t know how to ask a person for an endorsement when I kind of just blend into the shift and am not active on any discord for the same reasons I was banned from this one. I doubt this is a conversation for the forums so any DM on discord would be appreciated. Thanks, see you all next time.

Edit: What Im saying is that I’m introverted as shit when I’m not in a SS14 shift.

I’ll be getting an endorsement from an _ Among Us _ group I’ve been playing with. That should translate just as well. Also I was wondering if this is still an open discussion or if I am super-mega banned still.


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i’m going to stop you right here before you further sabotage your ability to ever play again.
You will need a voucher, and you will need to wait six months. Denied.

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