Drewz6834-Left during ahelp session about self antag

SS14 account username: drewz6834
Ban reason: I was banned because I broke a window that led to space and then when I saw the ahelp box pop up I got scared and left.
Date of ban:  I don’t fully remember but I think it was three months ago.
Length of ban:  I will be unbanned if my appeal is accepted.
Events leading to the ban: I think I was a scientist and I have been wanting to be an antagonist before because I never was one and I was new to the game. I went to a window which led to space, and I broke then someone asked me why I did that I said I did not know, so I ran away and was going to log off then I saw an ahelp box pop up then I got scared and left the game.
Reason the ban should be removed:  I think this ban should be removed because I was a new player at the time and now, I know how bad of a thing I have done. I also think I should be able to play on the Wizard’s Den server because I had a lot of time to think about this ban, and I will follow all the rules on your server.

Hi Drewz,

We should have checked this earlier but it does not seem that you are appealing from the account that was banned (you are appealing under “drewz683458” but records for this show you were banned under “drewz6834”. We will discuss this appeal internally, but we cannot accept it unless you appeal under the account that was originally banned. If you can please create a new appeal under the original account “drewz6834” and link back to this appeal as being your own, we will process it. At this time I will close this thread.

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