Dudemansacks - Repeated Self-Antag Behavior without Improvement

Ban reason:  “Repeated self-antag, behavior has not improved since last warnings.”

Length of ban: Appeal Ban

Events leading to the ban: In the round I was banned in, I came across the Warden, who said,

“Kobe! Here’s two new cadets for you to fuck with.”

And with that, I thought there was a game afoot, bit of the old cat and mouse with clear in-character impetus. Love that.

So I commenced to petty theft and soap slipping.

In the midst of all of that, I went and broke into the det’s office to take a Sec radio key, thinking it appropriate for the narrative that was evolving.

Shortly thereafter, I was captured, bwoinked and banned.


Looking back, I can probably think of a couple of other things in the days leading up that could have influenced the ban.


Friend-tagging with one of my buds, who was a thief:

When he asked for help in completing his objective, I asked myself, “Is this friendtagging?” And I thought, “Probably, but he’s just a thief. It’s not as if I’m going to be involved in anyone’s murder, or wanton destruction. This will be funny and fun!” And it was.

I caused a distraction for him by staging a fight with another pal of mine in front of sec. The whole department was there, even the HoS, while homeboy snuck in through the back to yoink the secfab.

As payment for services rendered, I received his thieving gloves, which I did NOT use irresponsibly.


Another event that might have influenced the ban was the ‘murder’ of a chef:

After a fair fight, he crit me and called me stupid while I was on the ground, and I took that personally.

So after RECEIVEING, not stealing, a glock, I went to him.

“Hey man,” I said, “you got me real good. You called me stupid, too!”

“I did.”, he said.

“Yeah, s’funny…” I replied.

After a brief but tense pause I said, “Maybe I’ll shoot ya.”

BAM-BAM-BAM! And he went down, which was a surprise, since he had a bullet vest on and I only shot three times.

The escalation was fast, I admit it, but I dragged him to medbay and tried very hard to revive him. Did everything I could, and we were on the right track until his soul moved on abruptly.

IIRC, the chef also was belligerent and combative with multiple crew, and our initial fight was over the body of somebody else they had crit, the chef seemingly trying to withhold the body from myself and others attempting to render aid.


Beyond those two major events, I’ve also been left wondering if the act of theft itself is now elevated to true antagonism, with the arrival of the Thief antag. If so, I guess I could, with some reservations, slow my roll on that. Although, the descriptor of the Thief role does say that their origins as a Thief Antag arose from performing previous acts of petty theft.

Reason the ban should be removed: I want to be unbanned because I know I have improved as a player, because I like the game and have shown a willingness to modify my behavior in accordance with the rules and especially with communicated moderation. As a fan, I’m not interesting in disrupting the experience; on the contrary, I enjoy being a part of it, I enjoy being a thief and a rascal in it and creating eventful moments, I wanna see it thrive and grow and I look forward to its future.

I already missed Spess-Christmas during a two-week ban for pushing people into a pit created by a Christmas present. HOLEMAS! I was an antag but I see that was a disruptive Murderboning. However, it was a special occasion and not something likely to ever happen again, at least not until next Christmas, and even then, who knows if somebody will get a pit? Even if they do, I won’t be throwing anybody in.


That ban gave me plenty of time to reflect on my actions and miss the game and the characters in it.


Also, if I had been bwoinked at any time during Holemas, and told to stop, I would have. And while dead during that round, I waited and waited for a bwoink that never came. Only days later did I get banned.

If I had been bwoinked at any time leading up to this appeal ban and was told, “You’re acting up. You need to settle down.” I would have.

When a mod told me, “If you blow up sec with IEDs one more time, we’ll appeal ban ya.” I never did it again.

I’ve tried to remain conscious of my actions, and that level of self-awareness within the context of the game has increased over time.

There have been many times, prior to and post-ban, that I’ve done less than I wanted to, even less than what was reasonably called for in the moment for Kobe’s character, because I kept the rules in mind, and didn’t want to get slammed with another two-weeks, or worse.

I’ve made an effort that I think is apparent.

Hello Dudemansacks. 
I will be processing your appeal, and have been reviewing the round in question. 

To start with, you have previously been spoken with about your behaviour as non-antagonist crew on a few occasions by other members of the team, Myself included. 

I recall our conversation about not stealing security equipment as a non-antagonist, specifically about radio keys and PDA’s. 

Here you admit to breaking into the detectives office, and stealing the Security headset for said key. 
You also admit to assisting in stealing from security the SecFab. Which is no small thing to steal and on it’s own a pretty big Self-antag move.

You then Shoot a crewmate with a gun you are not supposed to have. Which is Blatant self antag, boardering on Random Death matching.

Considering I have tried to give you the benefit of the doubt on nuemerous occasions, and now we are here reviewing a round where you have self-antagonised not once, but several times with pretty major occurances of note. 

I can’t help but feel a bit dissapointed. 

I will be placing this to an admin team Vote, and will return with a verdict in the coming days. 

After being placed to a vote, Consensus of the Administration team is to Reduce this ban from appeal only to a ban of five weeks  duration from the time of this post. 

The team are concerned that you have shown repeated behavioural patterns that we have repeatedly had to go into why these actions are not in line with our rules. Hence the five week waiting time from today.

I recomend carefully reading the rules before returning to play, as there are not likely to be further warnings for self antagonistic behaviour or escalation issues, I encourage you to Ahelp if you think something you are wanting to do may cross a line. Even if it is only a passing thought. 


Particularly in regards to this appeal you should make sure to read the escalation and Self antagonism rules.

You will be able to return to playing on Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Appeal Accepted

From Accepted to Ban Appeals