Dystonia - Discord [Said offensive content}

Discord account: dystonia63
Date of ban: I can’t recall, somewhere in September I remember
Events leading to the ban: I got derailed and stated my belief and what it encompassed and it was able to offend certain audiences or people with certain beliefs or worldviews, just want to get this clear it was not a slur.
Reason the ban should be removed: I won’t do anything tedious again and it’s been like 5 months so I’ve had a lot of time to develop as a person.

While what you said was not a “slur”, it was definitely intended to incite and offend - going into a server and stating “I’m christian, I believe all gay people are abominations” is going to get a pretty swift reaction from most communities. I cannot see a discussion between neutral parties where a statement like that is said without some kind of intent to upset people.

As such, this Discord appeal is denied.

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