Eden - Appealing for a department ban

Account Name: Eden

Roles: All command roles

Date of Ban: Until Appeal

Event’s leading to the ban: The events that lead to the ban were multiple things that I can no longer recall, the only on that sticks out so far is me griefing as remilia and that’s pretty much it although considering how I used to play it was probably bad and shitter based activity for which I deeply regret it


Reason the ban should be removed: So far I’ve only had one incident of joining tides in breaking a few windows but otherwise I’ve been staying clean, I’ve been doing my job, helping out chatting more with people and so far being cooperative with server rules I feel that a second chance would be nice and a good way to see that I’ve actually changed it up and have become a better player who isn’t so hellbent on destruction, I also feel like the warden role was my big turn around cause it really is like a training command role and so far I’ve been doing great I feel. So if I could get my appeal that would be wonderful, Thank you for reading my appeal

Oh crap I forgot the date, I really wanna say March 10th but I honestly am not sure at all, sorry if that messes anything up on your end

For reference, here’s a summary of some of the incidents that were considered when applying a command ban as part of accepting your last appeal



Ah ok, thank you, I can see that some of this is really bad, but I do still really wanna prove myself 

Given how close this appeal is to the one that reduced your appeal ban to a roleban, admin opinions are unlikely to change without significant new information. In addition, you weren’t able to remember what resulted in your roleban when you opened this appeal, but now have access to that information, allowing you to address it. Is there any additional information you’d like the admin team to be aware of when considering your appeal that you didn’t bring up in your game ban appeal, or are there any updates you’d like to make your appeal?

Not to much, I have been avoiding promotions when a head is SSD which has screwed the game up a bit cause nobody else is willing to promote to hos meaning that I had too, I genuinely have no clue if that breaks my ban ruling 

It is generally considered a violation of a roleban to gain a role covered by it, or a functionally similar one, during a round through any means.

Ah ok I see

Ok so after a lot of reading over all of my absolutely idiotic things I did, I have concluded that I can most definitely do better and the repeating of these events/similar events will not happen again and if it does sadly happen again I am fully willing to receive the voucher ban.

The admin team has decided to reject this appeal. In addition, the admins have indicated that they would not reconsider the roleban for at least another month. You can appeal again in 1 month.

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