EdgeLord9_11 - RDM in Arrivals, piled up notes

SS14 account username: EdgeLord9_11

Ban reason: RDM in Arrivals, piled up notes

Date of ban: 28.03.2023

Length of ban: 1 week

Events leading to the ban: Arrivals shuttle came late, tried contacting afk player by talking, shoving, and giving a 3 hit combo, no reaction, i then trew him into space cause why not? Hes afk, not reacting to anything and longer in the bugged arrivals then me (shoved him for like 5 min cuz it was bugged and tried figuring out why) after like another 3 min he was found, was asked who killed him i answerd truthfully and after a short discussion with reddid like mod i was banned.

Reason the ban should be removed: I shouldnt be punished cause a stuck up mod thinks its more important that afk players who dont go /ghost or /suicide have a place on the server and fucking around is not permitted in any way even to it doesnt cause harm and 90% of players do so too and roleplay is rare. Thus i’ld like my ban removed and the mod who banned me gets told not to be a stuck up b**** as shit like this often happens.

I wish all the mods exept that one a nice day and hope that Rules, while good, are not always that serious .


Clownhunter 69 


Hi. We specifically rule against killing AFK players for the very scenario which occurred, where AFK players come back to the game and are rightfully upset they have been murdered for no reason.

Perceived rule-breaking by other players does not enable you to do the same. Furthermore I do not appreciate you insulting our staff for enforcing rules that you appear to have little regard for. Volunteer administrative staff are not your verbal punching bags.

This appeal will have the opposite effect and your ban is upgraded to appeal-only. You may appeal this ban in no less than two weeks from now (April 11th, 2023).

From Rejected to Ban Appeals