Eewa - DISCORD ban appeal

Discord account: eewa#3123
Ban reason: Being annoying I’d presume. I don’t recall being toxic (though maybe I was a little rude occasionally). I can’t be 100% sure though, this was a while ago. There is also one more reason I think I was banned, but I’ll get into that later.
When was the ban: A few months ago.
Your side of the story: Well I was banned for being annoying/toxic, can’t remember. I joined the discord because I had some questions about the game and what would be added. Lots of “when you code it” answers. I suppose this annoyed the admins, because one of them (who’s name I can’t remember) started being quite rude to me - so I blocked them. I read a few of their blocked messages and they were mad I wasn’t replying to them, and eventually straight up kicked me for that! When I rejoined another admin said the kick was wrongful. But a bit after I was permanently banned.
Why you think you should be unbanned: To start things off, I PROMISE I won’t be annoying if I’m allowed back in. I just was curious about the game, but I will contain all my questions/concerns if it annoys someone, if someone tells me to shut up I will. Secondly, though probably more important, a lot of people were being rude to me, and I would sometimes be somewhat-rude back, and this was used against me in my ban, which I think is a bit unfair (since I tried to be as kind as possible even while being insulted). And thirdly, I really really really need to be unbanned, because my game unban was “vetoed” by admins who still don’t like me from my discord behavior. If I’m able to rejoin the Discord, I can show them I have changed and can be friendly.
Anything else we should know: If I got any of the details wrong, please don’t see this as lying. I’ve had a bad memory all my life, and I don’t mean to lie if anything I said was wrong.

If this is denied, please PM me so I can work something else out, I really want to rejoin the server.

Your side of the story is also extremely disingenuous to your behavior and requires some self-reflection.

It was vetoed by everyone so this is a no at this time.

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