[ElvisTeck0w0] [left durring admins DMs and force to eat meth]

SS14 account  ElvisTeck0w0

character name: Martin [I don’t remember my last name because I change it very often] 

type of ban: appeal only

date of ban and durration: im not sure about the date, perma 

Server you were playing on when banned: wizzard’s Den lizard [US west]

your side of the story: about leaving when the admin was DMs me I thought it was already fixed since we had been in the evac shuttle and since they were not talking to me I left, since in my country it was around 5am and I was about to go to sleep
And about forcing them to eat meth, the truth is I didn’t know it was lethal since I thought it was a hallucinatory drug and I didn’t think those 2 players who were forced to ingest meth could die.
I apologize for any trouble it may have caused.

why u think u shoul be unbanned: the reason is that not knowing that the meth pills had some kind of lethal drug was something that was out of my hands and about getting out when an admin was giving me a MDs I apologize about that and I hope you can understand my situation since I was very tired and directly turn off the pc to go to sleep

anything else we should know: there is nothing else that i remember but I apologize again

i forget to write the ban reason 
Ban reasson : left during admins DMs after poisoning at least 2 people whit Meth

I know you’ve been around long enough to know that meth is harmful in larger doses, but I do not think you did this with the intent of killing people or intentionally griefing. It also doesn’t look like you tried to dodge the issue considering you’re appealing and owning up to the mistake that was made.

As such, we’ve decided to accept this appeal. Please be more mindful of what you try to give to people via pills, and in the case of meth, never exceed more than 20u at any time. Feel free to consult the chemistry wiki if you don’t know how much is too much for other medicines/chemicals.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals