Engineering job ban

SS14 account: guestin
Character name: Lou laborde
Type of Ban: job ban, from engineering
Date of Ban and Duration: 08/14/2022
Reason for Ban: broke into places
Server you were playing on: lizard
Your side of the story:  while i did break into a lot of places, i think was unjustly permanently job banned from engineer because of misunderstanding of what i was doing. i hate playing engineer, setting up the AME and other things is just a big chore for me. but none-engineer jobs are locked behind engineer playtime, so i am forced to play the role for the job. so i decided a funny gimmick would be to break into high security places, leave a safety report and message who’s in charge of that area on what they could improve I.E. keep your locker locked or bolt this next time, and then leave the place looking the same or better afterwards. i never stole anything (except for one time i took a gun and then gave it to the detective to hand back to security) but the main reason i was banned was because i broke into cap’s office, took his jetpack, walked up to cap (he ignored me and probably thought i was just the CE at first) and asked him if i could keep the jetpack. he then arrested me, which i complied with (when asked to leave or came into a security officer i always complied) but the cap was probably annoyed about me getting past 3 bolted doors without any sign of damage behind me, just to open his unlocked locker and tell him he did a bad job, and he ahelped about it.
Why you think you should be unbanned: i don’t think being permanently banned from engineering is justified, and i don’t even think this is something admins should of even intervened with at all, the sec team could of probably just demoted me and took away my toolkit + gloves.
to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? what i bring to the community? i guess i’m the only warden who treats prisoners well, i keep in mind things like right to radio and that syndicates only get 10 minutes unless they commit additional crimes, instead of just gibbing them like the usual security force.
Anything else we should know: if you really don’t want me to do this again, could you unban me from just atmos? i do want to actually learn how to do atmospherics and i guess i can put my engineering hours into that

Hey Guestin,

I have reviewed the circumstances of your job ban. You are expected to at least perform the basic duties of your job as to not detract from the station/department as a whole instead of running off and doing your own activities. The primary issue is your admittance that you were merely grinding for time to play other time-locked roles. If you play a role, you are expected to at least do the basis of your job on LRP and not run off to do whatever so you can check the box for time in the role and then leave. You can put up with putting in a few genuine shifts as an engineer to satisfy a role timer instead of just grinding for time doing nothing.


Majority opinion is to  accept this appeal , however any further suspicion of grinding for role time will be met harshly. Your job bans relating to engineering will be lifted, have fun.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals