English is not my first Language, Im Brazilian

nome de usuário: Jonnas

Ban Reason: Racial Slur

ban date: Dont know

length of ban: Apeal only

Soo my first language is Portuguese Brazil, so i get help from my friends In Discord or i get help from the LOOC and i trusted so Much in them that i dont used google translator So i will tell some parts in ’ because its in portuguese Soo i was in as a hamlet i knowed some of comands when you type ’ like the say command and some days later ’ eu perguntei Para Meus amigos Oque ’ *N word* Meant and they said that it Meant that you’re happy so i trusted it so in the day i was banned i dint do that for the mean of that!, sorry for what i did i dint meant to do that, sorry for the people i hurted.

Hello Jonnas! Thank you for appealing.

The Wizard Den server series is english-only. If you are unable to communicate in english without the use of translators, our servers are not a good fit for you. I encourage you to search for other servers in your native language that will be easier for you to play on.

This appeal is denied.

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