EVIL_ED Instigating mass-griefing

SS14 account: EVIL_ED
Character name: Kevin Arnold
Type of Ban: Game Ban.
Date of Ban and Duration: 08.26.2022
Reason for Ban: Instigating mass-griefing
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: I’m not entirely sure. I think this is in reference to when I was a Syndicate Agent and trying to grenade my way into HOP to steal ID Board; as was one of my two goals.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I’m more just trying to figure out why I was banned. It’s only a temp ban until Sunday. But, I figured I should try to understand why it happened in the first place. It’s confusing because I get an uplink to buy stuff to use to achieve my mission. But, if this is why I was banned, then I get scared to use it. Which is odd, because I often see Syndicate fire into crowds indiscriminately; and not just at end of round on shuttle. Are they being temp banned for that too? At any event, I somewhat tried to make sure not too many people were by HOP. Partly because I didn’t want banned and partly because I didn’t want to get caught trying to achieve my goal. Someone did spot me and so I fired on him with a gun. But, otherwise, I was simply trying to explode the window so I could get in. HOP is rather crowded I have no idea how I was supposed to get in otherwise. I thought about trying to deconstruct the window. But, far too many witnesses coming and going to do that / try to figure out how to do that. Deconstructing things in rather convoluted sometimes. It seemed the most direct way in was to just keep tossing grenades at the window until it blew up. Syndicate is frustrating because I can’t seem to find any good information on what it is I’m supposed to be doing. And I’m half afraid I’m going to get banned every time I try to do anything. My other objective was to get the nuke disk, if I remember right. I think someone tried to explain to me many weeks ago that this is somewhere with Captain. But, I figured trying to grenade my way into the Bridge (again) would be rather futile. Long ago, I used to try to clip wires and use crow bars to sneak into places without having to explode things. But, whenever I try that now all I do is get shocked. I tried budget insulated gloves and still get shocked. I have no idea of how to cut wires and get into doors with equipment I am able to find scattered about anymore. That is why I tried the new method of exploding my way in. I thought about trying to sneak in, but nobody is going to let me in anywhere without a uniform that matches theirs and when I try to just walk into places people kick me out. How am I supposed to get into places and do my objectives? What is the acceptable level of destruction that a role that can order guns and grenades can use? The rules say I have a lot of leeway as syndicate, but I guess not? I could be wrong, but I don’t think I even killed anyone with my grenades. I kind of just lobbed them in, ran off. Circled back to see if window broke. Set down, ran off. Circle back to see if window broke.
Anything else we should know: Are there any good tutorials for Syndicate Agents on where to find my goals and some good ideas on how to approach achieving them? Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m looking for. One game said something about some kind of armor and I asked around in game and nobody knew what it was; aside from one person who told me to ask Captain and the Captain didn’t answer me and told me to stop fallowing her. So, I kind of just wandered around.

My ban might be related to this post.


I also got banned at the same time and a lot of people were punching each other. I got punched and did not punch anyone. I was Musician and was just trying to get past the fighting and into the bar.

Was my ban not even related to my Syndicate game? Even still, I am confused about why I was banned and could also use a good resource for Syndicate. Any videos on Youtube or anything?

Thank you.

confirmed you were traitor, apologies, unbanned.

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