Explanation for the mime cap thing

SS14 account: Deealer
Character name: William death
Type of Ban: server
Date of Ban and Duration: permanent until explanation

Unlike what you thought that round was based on me as a mime trying to get aa by using cap I called cap o hop line and I continued trying to get to him when I finally did get to him he asked me to follow him around so I went to sec where I got brutally beaten for talking when I tried talking to defend myself from being beaten and thrown out of sec when I was caps mime soon cap got called fake for defending me with words and non lethals. The mob followed us into command where I got promoted to save my life from brutal murder he said that I was part mime part clown then he gave me cap stuff and sent me on my way where the round ended after seeing a new cap now I admit he wasn’t the best cap he killed multiple people for simple things however he gave me that stuff I did ask does this mean  replace you if you die. Now contrary I did not know the rule of if your banned from a role even when hired as that role due to hop  its not allowed  even if cap were to promote you. I know that now and then I didn’t. Now if possible can I join back as the mime/other after hearing my full explanation. I will ask can I still play department like sec or med even though I can’t be the head


You specifically emoted “flips off the gods” at some point while getting access to be promoted to “apprentice captain”. I am of the opinion you know exactly what you were doing. Even if you didn’t, ignorance is no excuse. You do not get to evade bans and claim you did not know it was not allowed to evade a ban. Denied. Appeal again in a week (10/14/2022).


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