Ezo / Ingame and Role ban appeal

SS14 account username: Ezo

Ban reason: ‘‘used c4 to blow up hos office as a nonantag secoff’’
Date of ban: 21/06/23
Length of ban: 72 hours
Events leading to the ban: well i am pretty new and never used c4 and didnt know i would get banned for blowing stuff up, i wouldnt have done it nowing i would get banned.
Reason the ban should be removed: apologise for blowing up stuff and using contra as a nonantag. and mainly my first major offense.

SS14 account username: Ezo
Role(s): sec department.
Date of ban: 21/06/23
Length of ban: until appealed
Events leading to the ban: blowing up hos office as a non antag secoff.
Reason the ban should be removed: sorry for blowing the office and armory up, wont do it again if im not an antag.

i do show genuine remorse, i only have around 2 days total playtime but its one of the coolest games ive played since my friend introduced me, i will follow rules this time and not fuck about xd


I think “don’t blow up your bosses’ office with a confiscated explosive and then after getting caught encourage the crew to steal from your bosses’ office as a cop” isn’t really something so cryptic we need to clearly explain it to you so you won’t do it. 

This ban is punctuated by other escalation-related issues in the past few days that you have been contacted for, and you have been reminded at least once that you probably need to re-read the rules.

fair enough, i do apologise for my actions as stated and will reread to the rules to ensure this doesnt happen again, its entirely my fault for overstepping the line and i do hope you forgive me.


The game ban is temporary. You can wait it out.

The role ban will only be appealed after two or so weeks of issue-free playtime. 


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