Fardoche0 - Threats of Metagrudging and Being a general cry baby/bitch in dead chat

Ban reason: 
[Refer to attached files, ‘‘Getting insanely mad and bitchy towards players in dead chat because they were killed by a syndicate.’’]

Length of ban: 
[Appeal ban]

Events leading to the ban: 
[Salamander, Round #45688, Played Salvage, We were 3 at the start, Me, a Syndicate Spider and a Thief, asked multiple times to go on Expeds but teammates kept insisting on hitting wrecks, at one point, along our wrecks, Spider Syndicate died to a Sharkminhows and our Thief just realised that Thief had pacifism, proceeded to get irritated by it and i finished the Minhows, fultonned our Spider and asked our Thief to go to Med with him as they were the ones who kept insisting on going on wrecks, Thief and Spider got fultonned, i hit a magnet and came back to Station, never seen the Thief ever again and a Skeleton joined us as the Spider came back, went along with it and Spider kept insisting on still going on wrecks, at one point, i started getting pissy and asked to go on Expeds as i already did numerous times before but we kept on going on wrecks, Spider at one point agreed to go on Exped but wanted to stall longer to get rechargers for his laser pistol, which i refused, he then agreed to go on Exped while the Skeleton kept quiet about it (almost the full trip while just occaionaly reacting to what we said), he then said something along the lines ‘‘Fine, we’ll go on Expeds something something’’ Which i was happy about because it was the only thing i wanted since roundstart, Skeleton still mostly quiet about it, just went along with it, Spider hit FTL and after landing, they both instantly just went to gank me and i was left there getting obliterated in the span of seconds, then chucked out of the shuttle, arguably so, it being MRP and the fact that, no prior escalation happened, made me extremely angry as i witnessed the two of them, continue the Exped like nothing happened, i started bitching about it in dead chat and then ahelped as i felt that, it was completely unecessary and that both players just did that purely for the sake of taking me out of the game, even if i knew both were antags, and they could have done much more instead of that (to an extent, i kinda think they might have been metacomming or had planned the thing ahead, which is even worse if thats the case). I got a response from an admin and basically got told ‘‘syndicate, can’t do anything about it’’

Which i disagree with, in my opinion, it directly conflicted with the rule ‘‘Don’t be a dick, section 4.’’ (Didn’t mention it in the second time i ahelped) I then proceeded to mald on Discord without revealing current round informations, which then prompted even more ghosts to follow our duo of Antags (somehow, eventually averaging around 4-6 players excluding me). We then together, as i continued my extreme gamer rant, proceeded to watch our duo, not only finish the expedition, but almost directly start another one, which made me even more angry, as i felt my death was completely out of my control and was absolutely uneeded, we then watched them super slowly hatch a plan to raid Bridge, Syndicate Spider failed to buy a surplus crate after mining a random asteroid, and instead brought a bulldog, they then proceeded after a while, to raid Bridge, which i missed the quasi totality of, as i was getting ready for work and only witnessed the very end as our Syndicate Spider got bulldozed by X, me, witnessing this, waited until our Syndicate Spider died and i then proceeded to get on an even angrier gamer rant, Spider apologised multiple times and i didn’t feel it was genuine in any way or form and i continued flaming him with a big F, i went overboard multiple times and as you can see from the screenshot/attached files, i continued, until Nairod bwoinked me, i then responded to my bwoink and at the same time, laughed at the Syndicate for ahelping me (which he definitely didn’t, players just noticed i was being more than out of control at this point), discussion with Nairod continued, i had to make my lunch and didn’t respond further after 1 or 2 messages, which leaves us to this current Appeal.
(I also dm’d Nairod directly on Discord, which while i was being disingenuous, raised a question and a problem that i didn’t realise in all of my playtime as Salvage, i won’t include a screenshot of the conversation as it was very brief and not exaclty relevant]

Reason the ban should be removed: 
[Nairod did exactly what they should have done (albeit they were pretty rough about it and started the bwoink using ‘‘fucking’’ in it which i dont/didnt like) as i was being more than feral in dead chat, i should’ve left the game earlier to cool down/get ready to work and i didn’t. Which impacted my night of work, kept me pissy for quite a while and lead me to getting sanctionned in-game, I am responsible for my own person and how i act, i was irrational but i don’t think it comes from a bad place directly, everything i said obviously was completely uneeded and more than rude/annoying/stupid but it showcase a currently bigger problem i felt and which i was a victim of. (-) The threats i made of metagrudging were very emotionnaly driven and no, i won’t metagrudge anyone, i don’t remember the player name and i don’t want to go back and watch the replay for this exact reason, Syndie Player was definitely less experienced then i was, and i have gone overboard on them but it isn’t their fault in the end. I’ll keep myself in check meanwhile and try to help others players but it can be hard when two party wants different things, while one as the stick that kill. Issue won’t repeat itself because it something that has happened very few times in all my Salvage play time and my reaction to it was definitely out of control, it really was a one-off thing and i definitely learned from it, moving on, i’ll try to take time out when getting frustrated, and i will visit Cryo more often when i enter big angry. 

-Current problem that i’ve just noticed, is that most team aren’t teams for the reason i’ve suffered today, Antags can freely kill their teamates without them being target/it being necessary (most of the time, the reason being: Shuttle Control aka free surplus crate without any risks and it kinda mega boring/super free for Antags) and it can lead to 1. Antag on Antag crime, which isn’t the best and has happened to me simply because me and my teammate both wanted different things/disagreed and they decided to pull the trigger first, 2. Antag on Non-Antag crime, when 3 peoples are confined on a Shuttle and are supposed to work together and salvage while it being ‘‘randomly’’ generated teams, it really gives no counters for non-antags if their teammate just decides to stab them to death, considering how escalation works and doesn’t, i’d really REALLY like if a rule could be added so that Antags can not just directly kill their teammate without any good reason. Currently, it a very hard situation you put admins in, if you ahelp the case, because there’s nothing really they can do but bwoink the guy who killed you and asks them to not perma kill, i’d think it greatly be appreciated (atleast i would) and would give a huge safety net for Salvage players (and enable potential roleplay), and actual possibilities for admins to do something about it, if a rule was added to Department Specific Behaviors Issues about Antags players from Salvage, or currently working with/for Salvage to not directly kill or hinder their teammates outside of objectives/reasonable reasons, someone should/could still join Salv if they have an oppening and a kill target but it’d stop salvage from just melting from the inside because they had a Syndicate aboard, personally, this would be the third time i would have been killed by my own teammates, i think i’ve did it maybe once or twice. I know this might be part of Salvage learning curve, but it feels more like a curse. 

–I know down the line this is more than a insane, i’d say even quite a lunatic request considering the state of mald i went throught, but i’d really like less than 6-8 hours of ban after my appeal get rejected/accepted. I got off today and i’d like to play on Wiz, thats it. If you have read all of this, thanks for your time and sorry for me wasting it.

TL;DR Antags aren’t our friends :( 

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to reduce the ban from indefinite to 3 weeks.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • Previous argumentative history.
  • Previous behaviour of a similar nature.
  • Over the top response for the situation.

In addition to the ban/reduction. You will be De-whitelisted from MRP/ Salamander.

Appeal accepted - Ban lifts 26/02/2024

From Accepted to Ban Appeals