Fatfatgaming - ban reason "spam and many many admin note

discord account: saisa10001#7543

baning admin: idk

reason : i was ban for spam and many many

story? : i spam amongus i think it was funny but it was not

why you think you should be unban: dont know what i was thinking i think it was funny but it was not it was pretty dumb for me forgive me please am sorry

Your appeal is practically zero effort. As evidenced by your many notes you generally have to be very sternly told to do something by an admin if you’re being problematic before you’ll comply; since it took us several times to get you to change your name to something that complied with the rules while you offered nothing but resistance and excuses the entire time.

Furthermore, nobody wants to play with someone who spams a meme over and over. You can wait this ban out.

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