FeelinShaggy, game ban because of "attacking multiple people with a baseball bat and generally being an ass"

SS14 account username: FeelinShaggy
Ban reason: “attacking multiple people with a baseball bat and generally being an ass”
Date of ban: 2/25/23
Length of ban: unspecified/appeal only
Events leading to the ban: My baseball bat had been stolen by someone with a soap and I had tried to get it back. I tripped them took the baseball bat and had ran off but they came back to try to beat me up. I had only used the bat in self defense or whenever they tried to attack me and I never attacked multiple people. An admin never confronted me and I was banned without them hearing my side of the story.
Reason the ban should be removed: I’ve already been banned for 3 days and I didn’t do anything bad or worth a major ban

Thank you for hearing me out

Why exactly did you find it required for you to attack several people unprovoked and then attempt to interrupt the janitor’s normal job duties as much as possible shortly before getting murdered by a spider you picked a fight with.

I never did attack several people, it was one person who attacked me.

Re-looking at the logs you absolutely attacked at least three different people and started harassing the janitor by constantly moving their equipment away from them and trying to flush them down the disposals before a giant spider attacked and killed you at which point you promptly took a spider role, died, and left the game.

Unanimous admin consensus is to deny this appeal. Your sporadic playtime almost directly lines up with admin notes indicating you are problematic, the dubiousness of your story aside. Appeal again in two weeks (Mar 25, 2023).

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