Fire_Robert, Serial Killer Passenger


SS14 account: Fire_Robert
Character name: Reene Ramos
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: August 6th, Perma
Reason for Ban: Serial Killer Greytider and leaving to avoid Ahelp
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard (US West)
Your side of the story: I warned captain (through plasma glass) that I was gonna stab someone to death, Captain warned the station I was gonna stab someone to death, I stab someone to death (despite sec’s attempts to stop me) I get Ahelped by an admin, at 11:59 PM my internet shuts off, disconnecting me from the server and Ahelp, I explain that on the discord (through my phone) and the admin Ahleping me doesn’t see it, they perma ban me.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I don’t bring anything to the server, but the only thing I should get punished for is random murdering someone, which isn’t a perma ban
Anything else we should know: My internet ALWAYS shuts off at 11:59 PM, and I often warn people that I’m gonna go blank when it gets near that time (wrong time in image but you still get the point)

Just so you know, the image is completely meaningless. Anyone can just switch off their connection for a picture, or unplug their router. It doesn’t really help your case in any way.

I cannot take part in the decision of this appeal since I was involved in the ahelp.

Still, for what it’s worth, I’d like to add that the player in question did return VERY shortly (about 2-3 minutes) to the discord server after the ban was applied.

Hey Fire_Robert,

I have reviewed the circumstances of your ban. To your credit, your claim of your network connection dropping near midnight every night is believable, if not readily and independently able to be proven.

What I primarily take issue with is your abhorrent behavior which lead up to administrator intervention. From what I gather from the logs, you took a hit of space drugs and conveniently used this as an excuse to segue into an IC murder rampage. This is not acceptable and you should not be doing behavior like that as a non-antagonist anyways. Breaking the rules just because you sipped some space drugs is still breaking the rules and is not excused just because you decided to drink drugs.

Consensus is to  accept this appeal , however you will be on thin ice as far as engaging in self-antagonistic behavior is concerned. Your ban will shortly be lifted.

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