Fmingo Ban reason "rampant selfantag by rigging nearly every single power cell"

Ban reason: “rampant selfantag by rigging nearly every single power cell”
Length of ban: till i appeal 
Events leading to the ban:  i joined late and the only antag that have happened up to the point of me joining was some slimes and a “demon” and that was all that really happened through the entire game so when i joined and found some batteries i was like this is a blessing i can make something interesting and so i run through the maint grabbing more batteries and use a alter i find to pray for more batteries and with some plasma i inject the batteries and just start putting them in things or leaving them about to cause minor things here and there 
Reason the ban should be removed: it was just a one time thing with a new mechanic i learned it wont happen again with the self antag i apologies 

It is possible to test mechanics on a local server/ dev environment or on some servers that are meant for that.
Otherwise I’d recommend to just close the game and take a break if you are bored and want to make problems for a round.
We have put this to admin vote and the consensus is to reduce the ban to 2 weeks.
Ban will lift on 22nd Jan 2024 (22/01/2024)

From Accepted to Ban Appeals