ForestOfMothman - antagging

Ban reason: Started attacking someone as a non antag, lied about it in ahelp and confirmed with replay. Two prior self antag offenses.
Length of ban: Friday November 24th 2023
Events leading to the ban: I have self antagged and messed with people in all sorts of ways including stealing guns and weapons from people and using them against others to crit them and taking them to my friend (who was a chef for most of these rounds) to butcher. I have also purposely inconvenienced people for the sake of getting a reaction out of them and lied about a lot of things in ahelp just to get away with it which is what happened before my ban in which I beat a janitor to steal his janicart with a friend of mine. This is more or less what has happened the last few rounds as I was playing, I was a botanist.
Reason the ban should be removed: I have learned my lesson and decided to mature up instead of trolling others for the sake of cheap entertainment, I am sorry for any trouble I have caused the admin team and I wish to be able to play legitimately instead of messing with random people. Me and my friend have also discussed that we’re going to stop antagging and will play the game as intended. 

You have been warned two previous times about self antag in the last week and a bit.
Lying in the aHelp in combination with the previous recent self antag incidents provide any confidence in removing this ban.
I suggest you discontinue this self antag trend before an indefinite ban is placed.
Appeal Denied - Ban in line with banning policy and context.

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