Four Hydra Heads#2075

Discord account: Four Hydra Heads#2075
Events leading to the ban: I liked a post on a bunch of post on twitter that were deemed transphobic, thought I disconnected the account from discord but evidently, I had not.
Reason the ban should be removed: I’d like to say that my opinions on twitter are in no way going to be reflected on the discord, the only reason why I joined was to give to the game with my art. I also recently was gonna try learning coding. If its possible to contribute without discord I’d be willing to follow that path if my presence is that unwanted.

Hi FourHead,

After reviewing your appeal, we’ve come to a verdict, of which  we will not be lifting the ban, however.

This is due to the nature of our community and to the safety of other members within our community. 

You will be still allowed to play within our game servers, but will not be provided discord access at this time. We do not investigate situations like this on precedent, however due to concerning reports from quite a few community members that felt uncomfortable, we began to look into it.

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