[Foxxx] - [I got randomly banned for ERP when I never did anything close to that]

SS14 account username: Foxxx
Ban reason: ERP
Date of ban: 5/22/2023
Length of ban: forever unless appealed
Events leading to the ban: I was learning how to do engineering, someone shot me with a shotgun, I then went to medical. My audio glitched so I went to restart my game, when I logged back in it says I was banned for erp? I literally didnt do anything
Reason the ban should be removed: There was no reason to ban me in the first place. Check logs or whatever I dunno maybe I did something without realizing? (update I just realized it was my name lol) I havent played in a while and didnt realize what my name was or meant my bad ill just change that in game name.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal.

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