FriedrichLindenau - Unjust ban "self-antag"

Ban reason: “self-antag. Willfull cooperation with a known antag.”
Length of ban: 720 minutes
Events leading to the ban: Alright so a friend of mine who I meet on the station fairly often and me were playing a few rounds back to back and we grew close over our dislike of the law enforcement. So in one round an admin messages me how we knew we both got antag roles which to us was obvious cuz we started looting the same AFK cop and then did the typical moves following it. But in the round afterwards we got to the maints bar and set it up nice and cozy. Shortly after my friend (herb) tells me he is antag and asks if im fine and i said yes. I said yes because I, just like him, hate the cops who harras us quite often. Additionally we built the place together even before i could’ve known, how could I kick him out? Unfortunately the admin on duty did not like my cooperation with the antag as he wrote me a message asking why im cooperating. I stated exactly this. That I dislike the law enforcement and he informed me that he is antag. I willingly harbored him which in my opinion is even fair in RP.
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel like the admin had it out for me and a against me fude because in the first round he couldnt do anything so he tried agains the following round. Overall i feel like “self-antag” is overexaggerated as i DID NOT hurt anyone i simply harbored him. Its all within fair RP and justifyable. To me it seemed like a made up reason to get rid of me. 



image.pngIt is all justifyable with IC roleplay which acording to this section is valid.

Edit: What is your source?


An example valid IC way this may have been allowed is if the Antag told you they are going to kill you if you don’t listen to what they tell you to do, like a hostage situation.
You meeting up with your meta friend and plotting to mess with sec is clearly self-antag and justifies a ban under the self-antag rules here:[Self-Antagonism]
And the ban was within our banning policy guidelines here:

On review, the ban was valid. The ban has since ended.
Appeal denied - Ban valid/ended.

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