Friendly Guy/Crytex9 Admin Application

In-game Username:   Crytex9


Discord username: Friendly Guy#4328


Characters you play: Tony Pepperoni (Main), Dave Jarlburg


How long have you been playing SS13 or SS14? 


Unfortu nately I could never get onto ss13 due to being in Australia and having the shittest internet compared to most countries. Byond could never run with the ping i was experiencing but i’ve certainly watched a lot of content on ss13, I have been playing between Unity station and ss14 for about a year now. I moved to ss14 because it was more popular and more stable. 


**How many hours are you available per day:

m a night owl, so i should be awake during US Prime time. Some days ill be available for the night hours. (currently in between houses so i might be abit flakey to begin with, Housing crisis fucking me hard rn) 


Days you are available on: 7 days a week


Prior administration experience (SS13 experience recommended). Please also post a way for us to verify this:


I used to run a gmod DarkRP server (Oculus Gaming) back in the day but I think my style was too adult for that type of thing. I was running this server for about a year.

I was known as Rick on that server. Due to playing as Rick all the time and the name just kinda stuck. Kinda Cringe.

I built up relations within the servers staff team and eventually became the manager for this server. Not only managing its staff team but the financial sides to it as well. (DarkRP was a gold mine back in the day)

I regularly trained staff on how to deal with situations correctly and in a way that allows everyone to have fun, Hosted weekly staff meetings and team building events.

This was a full time gig for me and took up most of my time, looking back on it now it was too much effort to put into a DarkRP server. I certainly went overboard with it and I was working with kids who couldn’t understand the concepts and strategies I would put in place.

A Lot of them would come to me for personal problems and I became sort of a councilor for an internet based after school hours care (with guns). 

I eventually left due to not having the time because I started working a Job.

I left the server in the care of the owner and a dude named Barry. They eventually shutdown the server when people realized what a cesspool the DarkRP community really is.

Unfortunately i cant really verifiable evidence but i can get affirmation from staff members who were around with me during the time. Same goes with below. 

I staffed the OzzyGaming FiveM Roleplay server (used to be HeavyRP but it turned into darkRP 2.0 in the end so i decided to leave.)”

This was a more serious roleplay server than my previous experience with DarkRP.

I Mainly roleplayed on this server as a character named Dave Jarlburg, An old English mobster.

I was just a regular staff member on this server. My main duties were general server clean up (Abandoned cars and such) and dealing with tickets through a ticket system. There was no whitelisting on this server so people from all around could just join.  Much like your own system we could not deal with our own sits and had to act professionally and politely at all times.

I eventually left this server due to the absolute degenerates that came to manage the server. I wasn’t happy with leadership or the way they saw themselves over everyone else. When I volunteer my time to staff a server I expect to be treated with respect in such a way that makes it worth it, I simply was being treated like trash. I left and told management to shove it and their shitty server along with it.

Have you been banned from our game servers or SS13 servers before?



essay-y part of the application


What role do you think game admins serve on our servers?

An admin’s role on a game like SS14 should be there to maintain the peace and make sure people know what they are doing when it comes to roleplay. I would expect an admin on ss14 to more fit the role of a teacher. Someone to guide the common player in the right direction, but also to maintain the peace and get rid of those who are just out to fuck everyone else off. An admin on a server like this should also be able to read other peoples actions and make correct judgements, which I find is a very rare quality. 


How do you feel about the current roleplay status on the server?

It’s a bit touch and go. From recent experience the roleplay is pretty solid but there is a lot of room for improvement. I’m seeing a lot of people are treating it more like AMOOGUS rather than what it actually is. Which is disappointing but I still love it. 


Why do you want to become an administrator for SS14?

In recent experience I have had trouble with certain admins and the way they are operating themselves. I’m hoping that if I were to join the team I could set an example for other admins to learn and follow on how to properly conduct themselves when dealing with situations ingame. I have a lot of Roleplay experience and administration experience to give and share. Im willing to volunteer my time and effort to this project because i want to see it succeed, and a big part of that success will require a properly functioning staff team to set the norm for other servers when SS14 fully releases on steam and the community explodes with their own servers and game modes. 

The norm for SS14 will be set with Wizards Den as im sure you are aware. It needs to set a good example for others to learn and make their own adaptations so we can have the full Space Station experience on a platform/launcher that actually works properly. 


Thank you for attending my ted talk. 

Denied, mostly for lack of playtime in game and visibility in Discord. Feel free to apply again later.

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