Friendly jani bullyer

so i was playing yesterday as pete black and i got a 24 hour ban for being an asshole to the jani on the wizard den server and i think i kinda do deserve it but when i woke up this morning i saw this da fuck happend ?

You’re trying to connect with a VPN on, and they have to ban those IPs because of ban evaders. Turn off the VPN and you’ll be good :+1:

huh strange

i did shut off the vpn and restart the game but still the same thing

but i think your right i will try connceting again later

The ban message that appears is the oldest ban. The ban on VPN you are currently using today to connect was placed in June. As such, that is the ban that appears to deny you.

You should be able to turn off your VPN and see your 24 hour ban message appear. If the message continues, file an appeal with the template and we’ll look into it.

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