Funky51 - Banned for something I didn't do? Account hijacked?

Username: funky51

Ban reason: It's too long to write here.
Length of ban: "Only removed via appeal"
Ban Issue:
I did not do what I was banned for

Vote Opt-Out: true

Events leading to the ban

As far as I know, I’ve only played SS14 once in my life. In that round, I played as a passenger; drinking blood off of the floor and passing out from sickness. During that time, I never insulted anyone.

After that round ended, I stopped playing for the night.

This is the ban reason:

“Long history of self-antagging, being a dick, and outright unfun to encounter. Player has exhibited multiple cases of breaking into areas, hurting others for no reasn, and various antics as a non-antag crewmember. Along with that, they treat everyone they come across as utter trash, and speak as if they are above everyone else (see round #46096, Lizard, sec). Along with this, they have made a couple suggestive insults to people across multiple rounds, and have argued with staff nearly any known encounter. Player will insult any and everyone they come across, unprovoked.”

Reason the ban should be removed

I haven’t touched SS14 since I left the server “Goob Station.”

During my time in Goob Station, I don’t recall doing any of the things listed in the ban reason. Maybe you got the wrong guy?
Maybe my account was hacked?

Alternate Accounts

Hey we have investigated the issue and believe this is related to the network you use to make the connection to us, we have added an exemption for your account now so you should be able to connect now.

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Added appeal-accepted and removed appeal-pending