Further clarifying Validhunting

For context, my character after having seen a Syndicate bomb go off, an empty Bulldog bundle, comms having been down, power being off for at least 5-10 minutes, code red having been called, Chief Engineer reported as dead, 1+ hour into the shift and a Space Ninja having called in the dragon, I was in space looking for the Space Ninja while communicating with HoS and captain momentarily at the bridge. I had both seen and heard the Ninja and was using the jetpack we’d had as salvagers and an Enforcer that our QM had bought us for expeditions to see if I could find them to assist the crew.

I was ahelped and told I was validhunting. When asking for a further clarification of how this might not fit my job description given the situation, I was quoted that Rule 11 states to “make an effort to act like your role,” however, within the very clarification of rulesets, as far as I can understand, “salvage techs may respond to a callout of carp in cargo. Certain severe emergencies may make it reasonable for normal crew to defend the station against it, like nukies or particularly destructive traitors” supersedes my usual M.O. of sitting and mining materials that we already have.

I understand that I can be overzealous, but at the same time there are certain game mechanics I’m intimately aware of that I have to often forgo in an effort to not power/metagame, and I attempt to do this to best alleviate any round-ending fun I can instill. I don’t use bolas, I don’t throw batons or overuse gimmicks other than careful inventory management and space combat, I’m a pretty straightforward combatant. I do not at all think that this was an instance where I acted out of place for a salvage specialist, and I think that if you want to curb validhunting there should be a more clearly defined rule within the ruleset, as I felt it well within my job description to assist my crew as best I could from an external and potentially deadly threat, not being told to go back to my mining shuttle and do more expeditions, or mine, or salvage, etc. all of which we’d been doing pretty productively for an hour.

This, personally, sets a worrying precedence for the handling of antagonists on LRP given that there is supposed to be a bit more leeway than MRP, that of which I could see myself acting like I couldn’t do anything even given the arsenal, armor, and situation essentially being suited for it. I don’t think it’s unheard of to call upon salvage specialists, who again have a multitude of tools for dealing with threats, to assist in something so dangerous as an active Space Ninja who is setting off bombs with no power and no comms.

For reference the round was (I believe #37051) if not one above or below this round after the 1 hour mark.

Furthermore I will add that unfortunately this boils down to, even if it wasn’t Rule #11, it would be Rule #1, and there’s really no leeway to alleviate this as a long-time player, I just have to accept that some rounds I can hunt down Space Ninjas and some rounds I cannot. Such a volatile environment cannot bode well for player culture, but as the local validhunting powergamer sweaty tryhard I’m just putting in my two cents.

As a final note I also want to state - for my numerous (but, given playtime, overall hopefully average or below-average) possible infractions, I’ve never been ahelped and told to curb validhunting as when I arrive the situation has usually devolved into sheer chaos. I would go so far as to say that any other salvager would not have gotten ahelped, and in my most recent video (quite the banger I might add) I’m actively being attacked by salvagers, passengers, janitors, and robots. Sometimes security simply does not have the manpower or technical skill to properly combat the situation at hand, I do not think penalizing players for being good at combat is the right choice.