Gaemer - Smashing lights :(

Ban reason: Smashing lights
Length of ban: Perma 
Events leading to the ban: I was playing scientist and broke lights in library.
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe that perma ban despite my record is unnecessary. 

You should put at least as much effort in your appeal as you do smashing lights and welderbombing for no purpose.

Ban Reason: Destruction of Lights
Length of Ban: Permanent
Events Leading to the Ban: While playing the role of a scientist, I broke the lights in the library.
Reason the Ban should be Lifted: Although I regret my actions, I believe that a permanent ban is excessive and contrary to my record of generally positive behavior. I am willing to take responsibility and accept any consequences for my actions while also expressing a desire to continue participating in the community.

While I have doubts given your track record of antagonizing things for fun, it has been a significant amount of time given the offense.

Note that tolerance for shenanigans like smashing lights and antagonizing security will probably be heavily scrutinized from you going forward. Accepted.

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