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Mysticphantasm2 - omegaTracing

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SS14 account: omegaTracing
Character name: Andrew Mower
When was the ban: March 14th, GMT -5 21:15 pm
Server ban was enforced: Wizards den lizard [US west]
Your side of the story: Playing sec, followed someone named Ramon under suspicion of thieving, died due to pressure, a fellow crewmate went through many trials to rescue my body. When revived, shouted “WOW I HATE HISPANICS NOW”,  followed with “fuckin’ ramon got me killed”, then i was contacted by admin as i got dressed, i apologized and admitted the joke was not well thought, and promised not to repeat it, after a minute or two, i was banned.
Why you think you should be unbanned: My tone was never of ill will, i admit i come from a country in wich social life is pretty relaxed when it comes to insults (if you want to know what country, dm me on discord, i dont feel comfortable sharing here), but i should have taken to account the different social situation i was in, and acted fittingly, i was too excited from the game to actually think about it, and that was my fatal mistake.
I like to try and be fair when playing, i enjoy sec a lot, but know it has a bad rep, so i try to be a more friendly face to the threatning authority that it usually represents, and i could name a couple of people that enjoy the way i play it! That, and i was making an effort to learn computer programming so i could be part of such a project that i’ve come to enjoy so much, for so many hours.
Although it might not help my case… the ban was fair, and deserved, but permanently? not so much, i have never shown racist attitudes towards any member, either in-game or on the discord community, i never meant to offend or belittle my fellow player, it was a poor attempt at making a punchline to such a prolongued series of events… I was not even mad at the player himself, if logs are checked, you’d see us speaking in a civil manner after we both died.

Anything else we should know: I truly, truly do enjoy this game a ton, and the community it’s supported by at the same amount, my afternoons were so tame and boring before i found out about this unique experience… I felt very embarrased typing this, and the moment the ban screen quietly appeared as well, but i promise that i do not support such views nor do i promote them outside of fiction, i was just taken by the excitement and didnt think twice of what i said. I am truly sorry, and will accept any ban of any prolongued period of time. But Please, not a permanent one. I made too many good friends to just lose the ability to enjoy a hobby together by a dumb phrase that did not fit my own.

You do seem like you realized you messed up and we will approve this appeal. We don’t mind jokes on the server, but just know that there is a line that we don’t tolerate if it gets crossed. 

Appeal Accepted 

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