Game bann until i appeal

Bann reason: roundstalling as captain by leaving the station and they coulndt retsrat the round

length: until i appeal

reason for the bann: i was joining as captain, sudenliy it was a nukie round, so i hide with my team in cargo and try to defend it but then i tried to get hos and ce to the bridge to call for backupo but the nukies hide the enitre round in the bridge and didnt come to me at all while i was in cargo, so i juts stayed in space a bit beacuse i didnt wanted to die because it would be the statuions loss and the disk litrelay said protect the disk at all it cost. but then i got bowinked cuz i was flying outside the station and all crew was dead so iu went to bridge and shoot my self so the round could end  and then i was banned.

Reason for unbann: because this ban is litreally a joke, beause i was near the station the entire time, almost the whole round in cargo and the nukie team didnt even come to me so its very dumb that i got banned for this , because it is my job as captain to defend the disk and when i got bwoinked i got to bridge and died so the round could end

ign: Axtiiii/Kecko McGekko


  • You are responsible for the Nuclear Authentication Disk. This disk must be present in a nuclear warhead to active it, alongside a randomized five-digit activation code. Nuclear Operatives require and will seek you out for this particular item, so guard it well.


This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to remove the ban.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • On round review the actions were in line with progressing the round and not stalling.

Appeal accepted - ban removed.

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