GamerCake's ludicrous ban appeal

I’m not writing a whole application for this because the reasoning for my ban is absolutely insane.
So I got banned sometime last night, when I already logged off and a staff member by the name of “The Grinch” already told me “Have a great rest of your day”, for apparent “Speceism”
For the record said player corrected me and said they wanted to be called “Spider Thing” (no I am not joking), but yeah to be fair the pen throwing as only a funny bit and nobody got ACTUALLY severely wounded or anything.

I don’t mean to disrespect whoever dished this ban out, but you gotta look over the footage of that round

Below is the actual, quite insane ban reason attached


The Grinch in ahelp is a christmas time thing

1 hour ago, deltanedas said:

The Grinch in ahelp is a christmas time thing

So it doesn’t show the Staff members name then?

7 hours ago, GamerCake said:

So it doesn’t show the Staff members name then?

It doesn’t. It’s temporary though

Upon review of the round/details in question, I am accepting this appeal and making a note that this ban should not count towards your standard ban count within a six month period.

Two things to keep in mind:

  1. Salamander is MRP - even if you and the other person are in agreement with the nickname being used in round (in this case, “spider thing”) at least try to avoid any sort of speciesism language. This largely appears to be a misinterpretation of that rule, and at a glance I can see why this ban would have been placed, even if it was just to get your side of the story (you had apparently logged off by the time this was brought to anyone’s attention).

  2. You’ve been through this process enough to know that even if a ban may be applied in error, you’re still expected to follow the appeals format. I’m waiving that expectation in this case solely because it’s the holidays, but in the future, please just copy-paste the layout like you would with any other appeal.

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