Gercuy - banned for n-slur

SS14 account username: gercuy

Ban reason: n-slur

Date of ban: 8/3 (altough those incidents are way back)

Length of ban: Appeal only

Events leading to the ban: im not so sure, i think i have two incidents in wich i accidentaly said the n-slur but those were miss types when trying to type bigger, in the context of both incidents you can see that i didnt use it as a way to try to offend anyone. If there is another incident ,im not aware of it and i would like for the mods to pls provide the logs so i can clear any misunderstanding.

Reason the ban should be removed: If the ban is for any of those incidents then because they were accidents, not said in a malicius way. Still, sorry for any trouble i may have cause.

Admin consensus is to accept this appeal.

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