Ghostbear Ban Appeal

Ban reason:

Self Antaging and metagrudging as Remila and evading ahelp.
Went Remila after dying as a few carp, picked their killer out of a crowd. After being bwoinked andf not responding for a few minutes they disconnected and logged onto leviathan

Length of ban: 2 Weeks
Events leading to the ban:After getting killed in character tand then as space carp a few times, I decided to play the chaplains familiar for a bit - and I also though - what if I playedit as a mischevous vampire bit. nipping players. Logged in and ran (well, flapped) around a bit, biting any random players I saw after chasing the chaplain round a bit until I found a puddle of blood in med so started drinkign that, and figured there was enough that I could keep doing that until round end. But the mischief had caught up with me and the bat got killed by the players.
Shortly after I saw the message pop up from admin regarding not self-antaging - which, was a surprise as I’d seen other ghost roles do similar (heckm I’ve seen at least 2 knife fights involving punpun in just a couple of days). Realised from that what I’d been doingm, while intended to be mischievous could be seen to have crossed the line, So I made a mental note to be more careful in future and not repeat it - or similar.

Lesson learned, point taken.

So I logged out and onto one of the LRP servers as that seemed to fit how I wanted to play at that point.

I didn’t realise that you had to reply to an ahelp message - otherwise I would have done so. I don’t recall seeing anythign in the rules about responding or not to admins (But then, I’ve adhd so have occasional problems remembering stuff like that, so it’s possibe I missed it - if not, might be worth adding. Still, it is noted for future - though I’m not planning on there being any similar incidents. Once is enough thanks.

As for the metagruding - I genuinely didnt realise one of the players I nipped with the bat was the same person who killed one of the carp (hell, most of the time I cant tell which characters are which as I’ve got my varifocals focussed on the keyboard to type, so the screen (and character) is more than a bit fuzzy. - sounds trite I know but all I can say is that particular incident was a horrible coincidence, on the back of what was a bad choice of how to play the bat.

Reason the ban should be removed:
the message was taken in and the point was made when the admin message originally popped up, pointing out what I’df been doing. Yes I’d seen others doing similar, but there not running my character, so planning to run characters in future much more conservativly and carefully.
I know replying to an admin is a good idea if they do feel they have a reason to popup a message - though I@m not planning on doing anything that should put them in that situation - heck, only planned future interaction with admin is via fax’s to centcoms, and on the off chance I have any problems.

I know I didn’t metagrudge, - I’ve done enough RP and live RP over  the years where you play nameless mook #15 through 20 as you get repeatedly gunned down to know it’s simply not done. but looking at it, I can also see how it could have looked that way. Other than that - I don’t know what to say about that part of it.

[Explain why you feel the ban should be removed, either that the ban was inappropriate or that you no longer need to be banned to prevent issues]

I’ve learned the lesson - where the line is between mischief and malicce in a ghost role, so will be taking care not to do it again. I know to respond to Admin’s if they do pop up a message (which on reflection was a little rude of me as well thinking about it…), and I don’t metagrudge anyway, or at least, not deliberately. So yeah. Ghost roles I’m planning to play as harmless characters (Apart from the couple of times I’ve had a Ninja and a solo syndi agent, or the ERT or similar).

In the words of the Space Wolves: I recognise my failings and shall be sure to correct them.

So, there we are. Hop you’ll take it into advisement. Look forward to the outcome, and worst case - See you on November 5th.





Remi is a special ghost role where you should be following the direction of the Chaplain with their allegiance. Some other ghost roles are antagonistic but should not be used in actions based on previous life information. The ghost role description will usually indicate the role type for it.

When the aHelp F1 Explanation mark button at top of the screen is red it means the admins are trying to get in touch with you. Its important to respond so we can discuss the issue before it escalates further.

You seem to comprehend the situation and are remorseful in your appeal and have no history of any other negative behavior so I will reduce it down to time served more in line with the banning policy.

Appeal accepted - ban removed

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