Giovanni Mariotti - game ban for asking admins to ban selfantags / John Doom#0178 - discord ban for asking PR to be reviewed

I was told to come back for the 3rd time, after September 15th.

= For Discord ban =

Discord account: John Doom#0178
Date of ban: 11 June 2023
Events leading to the ban: Having completed my zombie PR, my first and only SS14 PR, I asked it to be reviewed. metalgearsloth asked me to implement a “friendlyfire faction component”, but it didn’t seem to make sense to me, because that component seems to be used only for AIs, while zombies are players. To avoid issues and hopefully make the PR easier to review, I changed it to one single vital edit and asked for review again. After 2 weeks of work, having not received a reply yet, I asked on Discord too, where I was told, not very politely, to just wait, as PRs take lots of time to be reviewed. After some days, I found out another developer was making a similar PR, except this one was getting reviewed constantly. I felt betrayed and expressed my concerns to that developer. metalgearsloth stepped in and threated to close my PR if he heard me complain about my PR anymore. I just flat out told him what I thought was going on: that his threat was useless since they had already decided to replace my PR, and that they were favouring only an inner-circle of developers. He closed my PR and even banned me from Discord. I told him that this last decision to ban me from Discord made no sense. Then he banned me from SS14’s Github too.
Reason the ban should be removed: 3 months old ban, situation already cleared up in the previous threads.


= For game ban =

Ban reason: “Unpleasant to deal with on github and ingame.”
Length of ban: “This ban will only be removed via appeal.”
Events leading to the ban: I’ve asked admins to ban these self-antaging characters: Kobe Free, Desmond, Joe Stucker(?), Lennox, Thominson(?). All of them were witnessed by other players too. Getting no answer, I asked again at each game end, thinking messages I sent were wiped out after each game. After a few games, admin metalgearsloth stepped in and banned me saying i was spamming admins and because of what happened with Github.
Reason the ban should be removed: 2 months old ban, situation already cleerad up in the previous threads.

You should be appealing discord and game bans separately. Your reasoning for the bans to be removed is “they’re old” and “they were discussed before” but the only thing discussion revealed is your appeals were denied in the prior threads and the content of these appeals is largely just recanting what got you banned.

Is there an actual reason we should entertain either of these appeals beyond the fact you think your bans have lasted long enough.

41 minutes ago, lonesoldier55 said:

Is there an actual reason we should entertain either of these appeals beyond the fact you think your bans have lasted long enough.

I don’t see how you can entertain on a ban, it’s a serious matter. Since it’s an appeal ban, I appealed and was then told to come back again. We’ve already discussed the details in the previous threads, I’ve admitted I’ve overreacted, I’ve also asked metalgearsloth to forgive me for calling him “scum”, what else can I do? Cut a finger? :sweat_smile:

Here’s what we’ll do:

Gameban -  Accepted. You will be unbanned from in-game. We will use this as a gauge for your other bans. Be respectful to other players and be patient/respectful in the ahelp relay. 

Discord Ban -  Appeal this separately after two weeks. As mentioned we will likely use your behavior in-game as a gauge for if you will be disruptive in the Discord or not.

Github Ban -  There is currently no appeal process for repository bans. I would suggest you only worry about this after you sort out your discord ban.

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