GoldHero - Ban Appeal: Left midahelp

SS14 account username: GoldHero
Ban reason: Left midahelp - apply on with an explanation.
Date of ban: ?/12/2022 (i don’t remenber the exact day)
Length of ban: This ban is appeal only.
Events leading to the ban: i don’t remenber correctly it was a few months ago but, i joined as a HOP a normal and chill round but i had to leave the game (i don’t remenber exactly, but i think i had to leave my house because i had to pick up something) i told captain i had to sleep (SSD) and i disconnected out of the game in the bridge room, i don’t remenber any admin message before that, correct me if im wrong.
Reason the ban should be removed: I will tell a admin if i had to leave and i think enough time have passed also i learned a lot from other server, meaning i could be more useful in the station.

The incident you were being bwoinked over was that you were apparently, as the HOP, building walls on top of people on the shuttle, causing them to be unable to move and probably to suffocate. Do you recall this incident, and do you have any comments to make about it?

Ban date was the 26th of December.

Oh i remenber now it was before the end screen right? i think i did that for trolling, jesus bad mistake from me im sorry for the way i acted and for didn’t reply to the admin in time.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal, you should now be able to play on the servers.

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