Got banned from jobs because im new and fugged up :(

SS14 account: Commander Cooked
Character name: Thiccums, Broman
Type of Ban: job bans
Date of Ban and Duration: 31st of july sec job bans idk couple days before
Reason for Ban: called evac shuttle early as cap and sec job ban for beating a clown
Server you were playing on when banned: lizard wizard us west 
Why you think you should be unbanned: First of all I understand the reasons for the job bans but i attempted to recall the shuttle when people started screaming at me to and the only reason I called it in the first place was because people were telling me to launch it. ALSO there were someone else that re authed it after i revoked mine and that sent it. Also it was first ever game as captain and although I only picked this game up not even 4 days ago after watching a sseetth video I’m absolutely loving it and only want to be able to learn these roles better. as for the sec ban it was my first time playing HOS pretty sure on my first or second day of the game and i beat a clown for a funny, NOW i realise why hiding the body wasn’t ok as it didn’t allow him to get cloned and continue playing, but at the time I didn’t even know that was an option. 
Anything else we should know: look I’m loving this game and all i want to do is be able to actually learn to play these roles my job bans include pretty much all of sec HOS HOP and cap, and how as a new player am I supposed to actually learn this when if i fuck up instead of pointing me in the right direction with what i did wrong maybe a YouTube video or some pointers explaining the role anything. Instead I’m banned from playing these roles with no chance to actually learn the game and keep playing. New players are how a video game stays around and i only wanna keep playing this game the fact that i went through the process to even appeal a job ban should say enough.
appeal, include it here.

To clarify for both the OP and whoever processes this appeal - the security-related rolebans expire on August 5th (this coming Friday) and your captain roleban expires August 21st. I do not recall a Head of Personnel-related ban ever being issued, as benefit of the doubt was given on the types of accesses you approved during the round. 

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8 hours ago, CommanderCooked said:

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This is how you get us to delay handling your appeal by a day.

We will handle your appeal when we get to it.

dam geezer no need to take it seriously saw it on another appeal here somewhere and thought it was funny …

16 hours ago, CommanderCooked said:

dam geezer no need to take it seriously saw it on another appeal here somewhere and thought it was funny …


Make a new appeal again in a week.

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