Gracedbark - Banned till Thursday

Username: Gracedbark

Ban reason: Banned till Thursday
Length of ban: Till Thursday
Ban Issue:
What I was banned for is not against the rules

Vote Opt-Out: true

Events leading to the ban

I was a chef and I did my job without any issues a clown came in to botany and was like intruding and taking stuff so we locked him in a crate and messed with him when we let him go he attacked us with a crowbar so I crit him and was going to butcher him a admin texted me that it wasn’t valid so I let him go. I then went back to my job afterwards I ask a guy if I could cook him he said yes so I took him to the freezer and a sec cadet was saying no even after the guy said yes he then attacked me so I attacked back soon after the admin banned me for criting the cadet

Reason the ban should be removed

Cause I feel it was harsh and not needed I enjoy ss14 have lots of hours and I have been killed for less reason and round removed so I don’t see how it’s against the rules

Alternate Accounts

Duplicate of other appeal but this ban has since expired.

Added appeal-rejected and removed appeal-pending

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