Griefing ban extension

SS14 account: PinapleFrog

Character name: Michael Moron

Type of Ban: Game Ban

Date of Ban and Duration: 03 July 10,080 minutes (seven days)

Reason for Ban: Considering your history of griefy behaviour i’m extending your shuttle bombing ban. Applied by metalgearsloth.

Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard

Your side of the story: so about a month ago i got baned for 60 minutes for self antag (killing captain) i was pretty new to the game that doesnt justify me from taking the responsibility for my actions but i did a stupid thing and im really sorry for that. few weeks fordward yesterday i got banned again this time for a day. i metal-foamed the whole evac shuttle i thought the round ends when shuttle starts. i was thinking like that because i saw people doing similar things before like killing each other and stuff even when the summary doesnt pop-up. i was just thinking that was normal. so i just waited the day. today when i tried connecting to the server information poped up that my ban got extended. i only thought its for a day because it wasnt a very big deal. The round was ending anyway so no one lost any progress. still im sorry for my actions and i wont do stuff like that again.

Why you think you should be unbanned: the foam bomb was a mistake and to make sure i wasnt going to do shit like that again i read the rules twice today. i really love this game and i really hope for an un-ban or at least shortened duration of it. im deeply sorry for my actions and i promise i wont do stuff like that again. have a nice day.

Anything else we should know: the first ban that i got was from metalgearsloth the second from kayek and the extention was again from metalgearsloth. if that helps?

You didn’t seem to be getting the point across despite previous warnings and bans so a 1 day ban for killing a bunch of people is too short.

Ban’s gonna hold. Wait it out. When in doubt, don’t commit mass murder for no reason.

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