Grungusbungus (discord: grungussuss) - metacomms

Hello, me and a friend got caught going around together and shitting everywhere. Yes we were sitting in a discord chat, but because he was new and I was explaining the game mechanics to him, I myself am pretty new and didn’t know that metacomms was so serious in this context, we were just going around the station messing around, didn’t do any serious offenses like kill someone or disrupt gameplay of other players. We have learned now that metagaming is so serious and now will only speak in game IC text chat. Please unban us because I think it’s not too serious. We had a lot of fun on you server and wish to play again. I sincerely apologize

SS14 account username: Grungusbungus

Ban reason: Mettacomms + a bunch of shitting related chat logs

Date of ban: 7 july 2023

Length of ban: Don’t know, perma?

Events leading to the ban: Me and a friend hopped on the server, I was teaching him how to play the game through discord, we were going around roleplaying, I showed my friend that you can emote pretty much anything and shitting on everything became an inside joke. We were talking to each other in discord but were always near to each other, no information that would lead to us gaining an advantage was exchanged. We didn’t kill anyone and don’t think anyone reported us for any bad behavior.

Reason the ban should be removed: Honest mistake, I really enjoy this server and wish to play again, even attracted a friend to play but forgot myself in the process, it won’t happen again.


I am going to use the same response for both of your appeals:

Metacommunications and sexual/distasteful content as the two of you insisted on using are both zero-tolerance on Wizard’s Den servers. We have a mixed audience that includes minors and nobody wants to play with someone who defaults to constantly emoting about shit and piss. 

If you want to teach someone how to play, either teach them using in-game communication or watch a stream of them playing the game while not playing yourself. Those are the only ways that teaching someone else is fair to everyone else. This appeal is accepted.

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