Gus#7910 - Ban Evasion (Discord)

Discord account: gus#7910
Banning admin: moony or mirror
Ban reason: sharing evasion tips in discord
When was the ban: 4/28/22
Your side of the story: I attempted to evade the ban by creating a new account, changing my HWID, and using a VPN for a full round when I decided to share my findings of how I found it “easy” to evade, in the general section of the discord, then was banned from discord ( copy and pasted from game ban appeal because it was same)
Why you think you should be unbanned: I have a lot of questions to ask about the game and would like to interact with the community when Im offline and discord is the only real way to do that since this forum isnt very active. I also would love to contribute more to development more and need pointers with RobustToolbox that Im only gonna get in discord.

Since you’re already unbanned from the game, might as well unban from Discord

From Accepted to Ban Appeals

From Ban Appeals to Discord