GuyFromBackrooms - Was specist agains aracnids

Ban reason: Specism agains Aracnid-species and calling for their death
Length of ban: permanent util appeal accepted
Events leading to the ban: I was playing a syndie and one of my targets was aracnid. After i faild to gib her i got arrested and after around 5 or 10 minutes intro the inprisonment i stared trying to get other syndies attention like dropping code words in radio but the way they’ll feel natural like how i would have said that in a normal sentence. But that’s where specism begun. i started saying code words over the radio with malicious intend but what i wrote was just straight up specist. Then my target talked to me and i, thinking i came up with a perfect excuse for murder, explaind to her why she’s a “danger” to the station. To my suprise after some minutes i was banned and only after that i realised what i did wrong
Reason the ban should be removed: Being specist was not my intend. I clearly should have used non-specist excuses why i tried to murder my target or just straight up tell that i’m a sydine. Well my ban was fair but i’m a dum dum who firstly does and then thinks. i am sorry i made a mistake can i get a second chance at wasting my life in one of my most faivorite ways?

Just keep in mind this sort of speech quite often just spirals out of control and doesn’t belong in game. Hence the zero tolerance on it. You seem to understand the gravity of it from your appeal though and I trust you wont be making any similar issues in the future with this sort of speech.
Appeal accepted. - Ban removed.

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